Helping You Decide What Is Right For You And Your Family

Providing Families With Elder Law Care And Support

There are many legal challenges that are unique to the elderly, and careful planning is required in order to provide them with the optimal pathway forward. Whether you are planning out long-term care, obtaining government benefits or reworking an estate plan, elder law covers all manner of legal situations that people may face as they get older, including preserving their wealth.

At Timothy J. Curtiss, P.C. in Carmel Hamlet, you can speak with me, Timothy Curtiss, to get help with your elder law needs. I have spent my career serving clients who are navigating elder law issues, helping them or their parents to plan for their twilight years. My goal throughout these cases is to provide you with a plan to best serve your needs and help you accomplish your goals, no matter your situation. You can come to me when you or a family member needs counsel for elder law issues. I serve clients throughout Westchester County, Putnam County and Dutchess County, so do not hesitate to contact me.

Legal Concerns For The Elderly Require A Full Understanding Of The Law

Unlike traditional legal issues, when it comes to the elderly, there are specific considerations that need to be accounted for. I have spent many years helping clients navigate these considerations in all manner of situations, including:

  • Long-term care
  • Social Security
  • Retirement
  • Preservation of wealth
  • Medicaid planning
  • Life estate deeds
  • Nursing home abuses

I am committed to providing personalized attention to each and every one of my clients, and I wish to develop a long attorney-client relationship that is based on open communication and honesty. My office is accessible to everyone, and I strive to address all of my clients’ concerns when they come to me with their elder law or probate questions.

I will help you prepare all necessary legal documents, whether you are applying for government benefits, in need of new estate planning documents or looking to sell your parents’ home to support their long-term care. When you come to me, you will be empowered to make your decisions; I make sure to provide all the guidance and knowledge that you need to make the best informed decision for you and your family.

I Am Here To Assist You With Your Legal Needs

You can get the advice and counsel that you need from a local attorney who understands how to help you. With my experience and knowledge of the local courts, I am equipped to help you and your family avoid costly mistakes and be well prepared for the future. If you are ready to reach out to me, then give me a call at 845-225-5500 or send me a message online. I offer free consultations, so you can come to me when you are ready. Also, our office is wheelchair accessible.